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Arcadia in your browser

From the moment you load your Arcadia page you now have access to the most powerful cloud ECAD tool direct in your browser! Simulate, Design and Manufacture in a seamless flow!

Built for Forward
Thinking CAD Engineers

  • Powerful simulation and validation
  • Integrated Schematic, Harness and Form board design
  • Time saving drawing tools - Designed by harness engineers
  • Full manufacturing output - reduces time to quote and build
  • Scale at the click of a mouse, wherever your engineers are located
  • PLM and 3D MCAD integration options for your infrastructure needs

Schematic Professional

  • Create electrical diagrams with True electrical behavior in half the time of other 2D software tools.
  • Integrated checks & balances ensures errors are trapped immediately enhancing real-time simulation engineering quality and increasing project profitability.
  • Problems are highlighted visually for speedy resolution of potentially damaging and costly errors.
  • Design errors are trapped early in the design process when errors are cheap to fix.
  • Not only is product quality improved but unscheduled rework is eliminated, reducing time to market.

Harness Professional

  • Comprehensive components database saves hours in searching the internet for parts and their accessories. Approved and preferred components reduce the inventory of duplicate parts.
  • In-built design rule checks ensure that harnesses are correct by design before a single wire is cut saving scrap material and unscheduled rework.
  • Detailed manufacturing documentation generated at the touch of a button saving hours of manual effort.
  • Automated bill of material incorporating all connectors and ancillary parts like terminals, plugs, seals, etc. Reducing human errors and delays in the manufacturing process.
  • Comprehensive intelligent symbol library enabling electrical analysis & simulation.
  • ​Wire sizing, voltage drops, fuse blow currents & times, signal flow, short circuits, cross page connectivity.
  • Interactive feedback through tool tips on entire circuit.
  • Animated views for instant feedback on electrical behavior.


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