Accelerate Your Cost Reduction Programs.

Our connected technology centers for benchmarking and cost reduction programs.
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Eliminate Waste

Cluster-based work plan

Comprehensive identification of value-neutral waste

Compare across subassemblies

Weight mapping across various subassemblies

Insights from
high-energy scans
of full vehicles

Comparative studies involving similar parts

Full vehicle CAD models

CAE and other engineering simulations

Manufacturing and Design for Assembly (DFA)

Design for serviceability

Design fitness: KANO model for the voice of customers

Directional costing​

Interactive workshops with customers yielding practical results relative to:

  • Total ideas/vehicle
  • Costs saved/vehicle
  • Mass saved in Kgs/vehicle
  • ​Time saved in seconds/vehicle

Let us have an exclusive workshop and explore ways to reduce costs across your manufacturing value chain.

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