Electrical Harness
Costing Simplified.

  • Harness BOM reports
  • Harness cost estimation
  • Harness comparison reports
  • Where used reports

Compatible with the following packages:

  • Creo®
  • VeSys 2.0®
  • Capital Harness
  • Capital Harness XC
  • Comsa
  • Engineering Base
  • Zuken E3®

Here's how it works.

All analysis performed in costCompare is based on the input math data and manual input is not required at any stage. Each report takes a few seconds to generate.

Features of costCompare

Summary Report

Simple report outlining the cost breakdown at a component type and process type level

Detailed Report

Fully detailed report itemizing each element of cost

Comparison Report

Comparisons between reports with different profiles or revisions

Maintain multiple profiles and enable comparisons of different suppliers or manufacturing locations and determine the best cost for your assembly requirements.

Harness Costing Summary Report

Downloadable in PDF format, the report provides the total harness cost to manufacture and it can be readily shared with other teams.


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