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Drive technology optimization and refine design fitness.

Eliminate waste across Cost, Mass and Assembly Time.

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Using path-breaking Digital Twin data sets driven by Caresoft’s Patented Technology and integrating it with our DeltaCosting™ framework, we can help you save substantial costs and help eliminate waste across Cost, Mass, and Assembly Time from your vehicle programs.

DeltaCosting™ is a process to identify cost reduction opportunities between two competing vehicles to develop the most efficient and cost-effective way to meet the engineering goals using industry expertise, vehicle digital twin data, and first principles.


The Approach

DeltaCosting is about providing an independent outside-in view for identifying waste that drives costs upwards. Even a relatively smaller intervention can save substantial costs when aggregated at a program level.

Use cases explained

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Design Specifications

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Design for Assembly (DFA)

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Design Fitness

Cost Reduction Ideas

Cost reduction ideas are carefully identified and proposed by Caresoft’s automotive subject matter experts (SMEs) with several decades in key leadership roles in the industry from every major auto OEM.

The cost reduction ideas are pre-validated by a rigorous internal testing and validation process before they are presented to the customer.

Cluster Methodology

Cluster Methodology: The entire vehicle is classified into system-specific ‘clusters’ for a more cohesive cost reduction idea generation.

The Framework

The DeltaCosting™ framework helps to compare design fitness between products to establish directional delta costs for man, machine, material, process, and tooling – for the reference design and the proposed redesign opportunity.

Iceberg Benchmarking Platform

DeltaCosting outcomes are presented as a module inside Iceberg. A bespoke DeltaCosting project can also be initiated and made available via Iceberg or using customer-specific means.

Reviews and Analysis

For every cluster, virtual and, where possible, in-person review sessions are conducted with the customer teams along with live demonstrations of cost reduction opportunities.

Customer acceptance rate of Cost Reduction ideas for implementation >75%


  • Number of Cost Reduction Ideas
  • Estimated monetary value of cost savings
  • Estimated mass savings
  • Estimated assembly time savings

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