Virtual and Augmented Reality

Harness the Power of
Extended Reality.

Deploy VR, AR, and MR
technologies in your product life cycle.

Reduce your lead time

Simulate prototypes using real-world scenarios and boundary conditions.

Perform value analysis

Compare models and explore options for design improvements by swapping parts and accessories. Reduce the number of physical prototypes.

Collaborate Virtually

Efficiently collaborate with the teams and effectively communicate technical details and notes.

Inspect and validate designs

Visually inspect design clearance, evaluate design parameters, validate processes and assembly operations.

Optimize your design

Evaluate if the part is visible, reachable, and accessible for serviceability.

Industry use cases

  1. Vehicle benchmarking and competitive assessment
  2. Manufacturing - Virtual factory, assembly line training, quality inspection and logistics
  3. Aftermarket and training - Interactive product user guides, installation and repair manuals, parts catalogue, remote assistance and product training.
  4. Sales and marketing- Virtual car showrooms and virtual driving simulation.
Explore Cornea™ - Our path-breaking Virtual and
Augmented Reality Suite.

Cornea™ Extended Reality Suite
Transform your R&D program, accelerate product development and revolutionize customer connect.


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