Automotive Parts Photographer and Videographer

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, UAE
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Job Description

The job requires conducting teardown sequence, photo & video capturing, and part photography using the photo booth.

Roles & Responsibilities

    • Perform teardown sequence using photos capturing process
    • Perform teardown sequence using video capturing process
    • Perform parts photography using the photo booth
    • Tools management and usage of the right tools during Parts Photography
    • Must use and maintain equipment (cameras, lenses, etc.,) observing high safety & care
    • Capture vehicle specification, feature studies, and analysis of each vehicle for teardown
    • Documenting the key features and advantages of teardown vehicle
    • Must be responsible for Parts Photography status communication to the management team
    • Coordination work with cross-functional teams across the globe.
    • Implement VA/VE ideas during parts photography
    • Manage inventory control on Parts Photography parts


    • Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree with photography experience is preferred.
    • 2 to 5 years of experience in the field of automotive photography
    • High Knowledge about DSLR Camera and Lighting setting (Flash & Soft Box)
    • Knowledge of Parts Photography
    • Technical knowledge of Vehicle parts and functioning
    • Knowledge in Photoshop & Lightroom (Additional)
    • Good verbal & written communication (English must)
    • Workshop tools handling & management
    • Parts Handling & Inventory Knowledge
    • Microsoft Documents (Word, Excel & PPT)
    • Need to understand Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) & work accordingly

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