Bill of Materials Engineer

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone, UAE
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Job Description

This role requires you to prepare the bill of material documents containing detailed information of each part (Description, Assembly level, Qty, Weight, Material & measurement) for teardown parts. 

Roles & Responsibilities

    • To identify the teardown part functionality & description of part to be defined
    • Part number sequence and level logic is to be followed as per CSG Scope
    • Quantity & Weight data to be measured in weigh machine
    • Material to be identified using the proper tool
    • Photography of teardown parts using proper tools & equipment
    • To follow the standard operating procedure for Bill of material definition,
    • Conduct material identification, parts measurement, and Parts photography.
    • To work closely with team members to complete the task on time.
    • To complete the provided task on defined time & quality
    • To follow the checklist for each process carried out
    • Perform quality Self Check on the process & delivery made
    • Effective communication to team members


    • Diploma/Bachelor’s in Mechanical or Automobile Engineering with teardown certification is preferred
    • 2 to 5 years in the field of Automotive, which includes reverse engineering/ Benchmarking of automotive products
    • Automotive product/system design knowledge
    • Experience in Reverse engineering of electric/IC engine vehicle
    • Reverse engineering/benchmarking knowledge on automotive products
    • Knowledge on Bill of Material creation for Automotive vehicle parts
    • Automotive Vehicle data capturing & management experience
    • Understanding of automotive Parts naming & functionality identification
    • Weight Capturing/ Weight Analysis study of the entire vehicle
    • Material identification & classification knowledge of Ferrous/Non-Ferrous
    • /Plastic/Composite Materials
    • Knowledge of electric vehicle/IC engine system function/working
    • Automotive vehicle design & development knowledge
    • Designing Mechanical/Automotive parts knowledge
    • Automotive parts testing knowledge
    • Good written & oral communication
    • Parts inventory management

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