Industrial Engineer

Burr Ridge, IL
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Job Description

This role will be responsible for Study of product lines and operators specific to the production area; Observe, record, and collect data related to operator tasks associated with a part, sub-assembly, and assemblies.

Roles & Responsibilities

    1. Process Engineering Change Orders to maintain and update all process data relevant to SOS, SOPs
    2. Line balance scenarios responsible for setting up time standards and process designing based on MOST/MODAPTS standards.
    3. Perform/assist in the virtual build of key assembly process & verify component fit & interferences.
    4. Establish cycle times through work measurement/time study.
    5. Perform/assist in data analysis for fit/functionality/manufacturing along with tooling requirements for each station.
    6. Develop station by station layout and establish part availability at each station.
    7. Perform material routing & line side stock presentation layout designs.
    8. Study operation video and analyze operator movement/posture for all work done by an operator for every station on the assembly line, being physically present at the shop floor.
    9. Conduct Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA) & Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA).
    10. Analyze Operations with Level 2 (Yellow) Score and Level 3 (Red) Score and provide recommendations
    11. Conduct ergonomic analysis on each operation and publish ergonomic risk levels on each operation.
    12. Identify and apply value-added / non-value added classification to each task.
    13. Establish design for serviceability Muri, Muda, Golden zone and safety risk assessments for new product assemblies. agricultural equipment, construction equipment. Prepare work packages for offshore team to generate work instructions & release the same in ERP system post obtaining customer sign-off.
    14. Provide line support through troubleshooting part issues in the entire manufacturing process. Establish bulk part variability at each station.
    15. Prepare and present weekly project status to customers.


    1. Master or Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering with five years’ progressive experience required, foreign equivalent accepted.
    2. Must be willing to travel/relocate to client sites.
    3. Please send resume to HR manager Caresoft Global, Inc.; 7025 Veterans Blvd., Suite A; Burr Ridge, IL 60527

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