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Giving back to Society

Giving it back to the society as a global organization is not just responsibility' for us. It is part of our values.

As a global organization, we try our best to help the needy by working closely with organizations that aid in the upliftment of children and improving the lives of the aged. We have active engagements with several NGOs and a few that work on specific causes about local issues.

The time is always right to do what is right.

– Martin Luther King, Jr

North America

  • We work with Alexis de Tocqueville Society at United Way
  • We work with Focus Hope


  • We support a food shelter in Brugge, Belgium
  • We support a hospital in Torino, Italy


  • We support old age homes, schools and shelters for the homeless
  • We also work with several charitable institutions and schools

University Donation Program

From time to time, we make generous donations with our full vehicle Digital Twin data sets, access to proprietary software, and engineering reports. These donations empower engineering students, teachers, and scholars to access the latest data on today’s path-breaking vehicles. Several leading universities have taken advantage of our donation program and used our data in their educational pursuits.

If you represent a university or a college involved in STEM education, please write to us, and we would be happy to have a conversation with you.

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