Teardown studies

Gain access to the world’s most comprehensive​ benchmarking data and reports.

Here’s what you get


  • Vehicle attributes Specifications, Eye-Catching features etc.
  • High resolution photographs HD images of individual parts.
  • Assembly location photos
  • Exploded views,where available
  • 360 views,where available
  • Ability to share


  • All Features of free Vehicle attributes, specs, photographs, 360º views, Sharing and Vehicle comparison...
  • Optical scans of parts
  • Assembly weld and fasteners report
  • ECU summary reports, BIW & closures
  • Reports on seats, chassis, eMotorsand more...
  • Export BOM and download CAD models
  • Granular vehicle system level comparisons
  • Other Bespoke data and reportssuch as VA/VE analysis as per contract
and much more... Pay only for what you need!

Here’s how

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Request access to iceberg

Fill a short form and place a request to access the teardown data. You will get a notification within 24 hours with credentials to log into iceberg.

Log into iceberg

Once you log into iceberg, change your temporary password and continue using it.


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