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DeltaCosting™ Explained: Reduce Cost and Refine Fitness

DeltaCostingTM explained.

Today, one of the most significant imperatives for the Global Automotive industry is not to merely benchmark – but to find ways to reduce cost. The OEMs and the supply base must find ways to eliminate waste relative to Cost, Mass, and Labor. The headwinds faced by the industry due to supply chain constraints and geopolitical events make cost reduction interventions urgent and important! This is where DeltaCosting™ plays a strategic and vital role. We have already saved Millions of Dollars for our customers by introducing cost reduction interventions using the DeltaCosting™ framework.

It’s all about putting Context and Purpose to data, and DeltaCosting does that. Here’s Terry Woychowski – Former Global VP of Quality and Vehicle Launches, GM explaining the principle of DeltaCosting – with an example.

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