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We invite you to join our growing team of highly motivated professionals with a global mindset. Our culture is built on driving innovation and providing you opportunities that have a global reach.

Innovation is one of our main pillars on which our business operates. For us, it's all about devising new and innovative solutions for our customers.
With us, you can build a fulfilling career in positions that allow you to challenge the tried and tested, and to collaborate with diverse teams across geographies.​

We attract, develop, and retain talent from diverse backgrounds because fresh ideas and perspectives don't know what borders look like.

Working with us

Join us in one of our various business functions. While you work, you will get a lot of opportunities to work with many other teams, collaborate and travel the world as you do so!

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You will matter!

You are not a “employee number” here. You matter, your work matters, and your skills matter. 

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If you are the best for the job at hand, compensation is never an issue! 


We know the world as changed a lot after COVID, and we are ready for the new-normal.

All the legal benefits and then some

You get to define your role, your scope of work, and your impact. You are respected and you can reach anyone. No walls. 

Career mobility

Every role has a global reach. Your ambition is all that counts.

Industry recognition

We have been rated higher than companies 10 times our size for Digital Engineering Services. That says something! 

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Lavanya Shankar
Sr. Manager, HR
Caresoft is a dependable and transparent organization that has allowed me to explore and enhance my leadership skills. There are many learning and career milestones that I have achieved in the past nine years. It has been a wonderful experience working with an inclusive leadership team with an opportunity to learn agile skills from them. Caresoft has given me genuine red-carpet recognitions and supportive roller coaster rides, which have eventually helped me reach my potential and contribute to creating value in what I do for the organization. Working with Caresoft has always been an eventful journey with abundant opportunities to do more and evolve towards success. The transparency embraced by our leaders in the operational methodology brings a sense of accountability and comfortability to the process executed.
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh
Manager – Commercial vehicle, truck and bus, Turin, Italy
“I get to work on challenging projects which require me to interact with our European customers directly. The global exposure I gained after joining the team here has been phenomenal!”
Vivi Tang
Vivi Tang
Business Analyst, China business development team
At Caresoft Global, I gain great experience by working in multiple domains and capabilities. This year, with the support of my mentors, I will be heading the entire team in China. Here, I’ve built great relationships with my customers and I am always looking forward to meeting and exceeding their expectations. Many of my customers here in China are also global with manufacturing bases in the EU and North America. This gives me a great perspective on how our solutions are deployed by our customers globally.