Drive cost reduction: We are all going through tough times and we know that you have increased your focus on cutting costs from all streams possible. We have been working with our automotive customers and their suppliers to save millions of dollars by performing cost-down studies relative to Cost, Mass and Labor. Our team of industry veterans can develop bespoke ideas in VAVE and other cost reduction strategies that are fully implementable.

What we offer:

Full vehicle digital twins for benchmarking

Cornea™ virtual and augmented reality platform for your teams to collaborate from anywhere

DeltaCosting™: Bespoke cost reduction programs using VAVE and other frameworks, driven by industry experts

Award-winning engineering services

From data to knowledge to actionable intelligence.

The Caresoft Global advantage
  • Deep-rooted experience - We have been working with global auto for more a decade across a wide range of programs.
  • Highly evolved industry knowledge base - Our team comprises of over 1200 engineers and several industry veterans with over 1000 years of combined experience in global auto and supply chain.
  • Award-winning technology - Ford and Navistar have recognized us for our path-breaking technology and efficient project deliveries.
  • World leader in benchmarking - We are arguably the leader in automotive benchmarking and full vehicle digital twin technology.
  • Proven results in reducing costs - We have saved millions of dollars by reducing costs and eliminating waste across the manufacturing value chain for our customers.
Italian industrial design, style and technical prowess.

Since 1996 OXI - A Caresoft Company has been working with customers in the areas of new product development, excelling in automotive components engineering and design of household appliances. Based out of Turin, Italy OXI has access to some of the finest designers and engineers for a wide range of product development pursuits. Visit



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