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Providing actionable and measurable outcomes for over a 120 customers. Including every major Auto OEM in the world.

From full vehicle digital twins for benchmarking to offering actionable interventions to reduce costs via our DeltaCosting™ framework and integrating all of it with our global engineering services, the gamut of work we do for global auto OEMs and supply base covers the entire product lifecycle.

We work with over a 150 OEMs and suppliers, including all the major players. Our platforms and products are deployed to run simulations, perform costing and analysis. And our globally spread teams provide award-winning engineering services covering core R&D, manufacturing, aftermarket, and software.


What we offer:

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Full Vehicle Digital-Twins for benchmarking
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Cost reduction interventions driven by Subject Matter Experts to eliminate waste across Cost,Mass and Assembly Time variables
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Cloud-based platforms for Benchmarking, ECAD design and costing
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Design software
Engineering Services
Scalable managed engineering services across the entire product lifecycle
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Driven by experts in the field

A strong team of Subject Matter Experts with several decades in leadership roles from every major OEM in the world.

Technology centers

A vast global network of technology centers for benchmarking and cost reduction. With over 350,000 Sq.ft of combined space across NA, EU, and APAC. Including the world’s largest benchmarking center of its kind in Livonia, MI.

Global team of engineers

An integrated global team of engineers with experience across the product life cycle, including many from global OEMs and supply base.

Italian industrial design expertise

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Since 1996 OXI – A Caresoft Company has been working with customers in new product development, excelling in automotive components engineering and design of household appliances. Based out of Turin, Italy, OXI has access to some of the finest designers and engineers for various product development pursuits.

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We are a technology-driven global engineering solutions company addressing challenges relative to benchmarking, product development, cost optimization, manufacturing, and aftermarket for major automotive OEMs, off-highway, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and their suppliers. Our award-winning technologies combined with highly evolved processes enable our customers to gain actionable insights that accelerate R&D programs, fuel growth decisions, cut costs, and improve efficiencies.