YouTube® video: Tesla Cybertruck 48-Volt Architecture
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Iceberg 3.0

A highly scalable enterprise platform for Automotive Benchmarking

Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking vehicle comparison

Our Mission

To be the go-to reference of every engineer that strives to improve design efficiencies by providing instant access to data-driven insights & innovative ideas using benchmarking practices powered by AI.

Iceberg 3.0 by Caresoft Global is a comprehensive and scalable enterprise platform for obtaining vehicle benchmarking data. The all-new Iceberg 3.0 empowers users to gain actionable intelligence by becoming a decision-support system.

Iceberg 3.0 – Value Driven Benchmarking Platform

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Benchmarked Data​

Data As a Service (DAAS)

Teardown Data

Customized Reports

3D Viewer

Search Similar Parts

Advance Study


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Manage Enterprise- Wide Data

Software As a Service (SAAS)

Vehicle Specification

Inventory Management

Teardown BOM




Test/Performance Data

AI Powered Knowledge Base

Knowledge As a Service (KAAS)

Intuitive Intelligence powered by AI
Tear Down Data & Analytics
Descriptive Data (Ideas, Process)
Computational Intelligence
3rd Party Integrations (Delta Costing/ Carbon Foot Prints)

Iceberg 3.0 Benchmarking Data

  • BIW Study
  • Chassis Study
  • EE Architecture & Electronics
  • HV Battery Architecture
  • E-Motor Analysis
  • Digital-Twin
  • DeltaCosting
  • Thermal Management
  • 3D Models and many more…
Iceberg 3.0: Design for assembly, Crash, Stiffness, NVH, 3D Harness, Costing, Measure Reports, Teardown documentation and 3D CAD highly detailed. Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking platform.

How Does Iceberg 3.0 Enable Design Efficiencies ?

Create an Environment to Manage Data

Manage data through flexible templates, approval workflows, inventory management

Data Consolidation

Consolidate product information across the organization

View and Analyse, your

Data Aggregation, Analytics, identify insights (trends) that help in Benchmarking


Manage Users and Permission
Control data flow through integrated workflow System wise Release

Integrate Idea Database

Connect your idea data base with tear down data and be able to manage it

Inventory Management

Effortlessly Manage Stock
Track Order to Dispatch >> Returns

Iceberg 3.0

Iceberg 3.0 platform creates an ecosystem by integrating various modules to serve a bigger purpose.

  • Global view of benchmarking data
  • Share, and Collaborate with stakeholders to perform competitive analysis
  • Enables better visibility and faster decision making through analytics
Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking platform. Caresoft part comparison


Vehicle and Part comparison
Delta Analysis (weight and quantity)

Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking platform - Caresoft analytics


Report transformed to data points enabling analysis; weight, material, manufacturers, joining details etc.,

Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking platform - Caresoft CAD

CAD Viewer

Full vehicle exterior and interior point cloud data

Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking. Vehicle materials


True engineering data of the leading technology vehicles
Accelerates R&D programs

Iceberg 3.0 Automotive Benchmarking platform. Caresoft vehicle comparison


True indicator for cost analysis
Competitive intelligence in design fitness

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We are a technology-driven global engineering solutions company addressing challenges relative to benchmarking, product development, cost optimization, manufacturing, and aftermarket for major automotive OEMs, off-highway, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and their suppliers. Our award-winning technologies combined with highly evolved processes enable our customers to gain actionable insights that accelerate R&D programs, fuel growth decisions, cut costs, and improve efficiencies.

YouTube® video: Tesla Cybertruck 48-Volt Architecture