YouTube® video: Tesla Cybertruck 48-Volt Architecture

Drive Technology Optimization, Reduce Costs, and Benchmark Better.

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Take advantage of our fully integrated approach for Benchmarking, Cost Reduction Interventions, and Engineering Solutions to drive actionable results.


Customers in major global auto OEMs and their supply base.


Sq. ft of purpose-built technology centers for automotive benchmarking.


Engineers forming the core competence and technology backbone.

We are a global leader in Automotive Benchmarking and Cost Reduction Consulting.

Our proprietary technology, a strong team of subject matter experts, and software platforms are leveraged by our customers to benchmark their vehicle programs better, make timely course corrections, accelerate R&D, and cut costs. Our global team of engineers is our foundation that integrates the technology, platforms, and downstream services.

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We are a technology-driven global engineering solutions company addressing challenges relative to benchmarking, product development, cost optimization, manufacturing, and aftermarket for major automotive OEMs, off-highway, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and their suppliers. Our award-winning technologies combined with highly evolved processes enable our customers to gain actionable insights that accelerate R&D programs, fuel growth decisions, cut costs, and improve efficiencies.

YouTube® video: Tesla Cybertruck 48-Volt Architecture