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Cost Reduction

Expert-driven VAVE programs to optimize Design, Cost, and Performance vectors.

Programs for Cost Reduction & Cost Avoidance

Cost Reduction car breakdown

Using path-breaking Digital Twin data sets driven by our Patented Technology and integrating it with the VAVE frameworks. We at Caresoft can help you save substantial costs and help eliminate waste across Cost, Mass, and Assembly Time even before commencing any kind of manufacturing.

We work with several Automotive OEMs and their suppliers to identify implementable post facto engineering interventions that would produce tangible results for technology optimization and design fitness refinements in the existing vehicle programs.

We also actively engage in early-stage virtual cost reduction projects to establish the paradigm of Cost Avoidance.

Caresoft Cost Reduction Approach


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Improve profitability in existing products

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Leverage the Learnings/Best Practices for New Programs

Caresoft’s Approach

Current Products

Maximize the Savings

Cost Optimization

  • Material Cost
  • Manufacturing Cost
  • Complexity Cost

New Products

DIRFT (Do it Right the First time)

Cost Optimization

  • Virtual cost reduction (Industry Best practices)
  • Technology optimization – Electrification, Autonomous, Integration of hardware and software, Mobility and Subscription services

Caresoft Enablers

Dedicated Team of Experts

Robust Processes, Methods and Tools

Involvement from Customers

Involvement of Leadership Team

Openness to Learn from the Competition


Variable cost reduction/ Cost Avoidance Ideas

Early Engagement Guarantees Maximum Value

Cost reduction group demonstration
  • The critical bench of Subject Matter Experts and VAVE engineers that support the execution of more than 20 global programs to date
  • Manufacturing and Industrial engineers performing Engineering Hours Per Vehicle (EHPV) studies using standards such as MTM and more
  • A proven methodology – “Cluster Approach” that promotes systems thinking
  • Proprietary DeltaCosting™ methodology for quantifying Design Fitness
  • Iceberg 3.0 Benchmarking Platform
  • In-person and live-streaming programs and Idea presentations

Product Life Cycle

Product Conception

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Product Development

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Product Launch and Lifecycle support

Creating Cost Effective Designs

Conceptual Benchmarking and Cost Avoidance

Virtual Benchmarking and Cost Reduction

Physical Benchmarking and Cost Reduction

The Process

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Idea Generation

  • On Hands Parts Comparison
  • SMEs Brainstorming
  • Internal Idea Validation
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Data Gathering

  • Capture Idea Specific details
  • Delta Cost Estimation
  • DFA Time Savings estimation
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Idea Validation

  • Cross Functional Experts’ review
  • Idea Rejection (35-40%)
  • Review preparation
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Idea Reviews

  • Represent qualified Ideas to customer team
  • Clarify and align technical assumptions “what needs to be true to make this work?”

Key deliverables of Physical Cost Reduction Programs.

Subject Matter Experts present all the cost reduction ideas using physical competitive parts relative to the assigned Pivot Vehicle. This involves a detailed teardown of all vehicles involved in the study and examining opportunities to optimize mass, material cost, and EPHV.

Cost Avoidance > Cost Reduction

Pre-Teardown Analysis

  • Side-by-side comparative analysis of vehicles – technical specifications/ configurations
  • Eye-catching differences
  • High-level comparison of product strategies


Teardown and Documentation

  • Perform detailed teardown of all the vehicles in the scope
  • Teardown data in Iceberg 3.0


Cost Reduction Ideas

  • Comparative analysis and cost reduction ideas including material cost, mass reduction and labor savings
  • Estimated savings/vehicles
  • Full list of ideas and back up technical analysis/details


Technical Review Sessions

  • Virtual review sessions will be conducted for each cluster with the Mahindra team through live stream, with the teardown part
  • Sign-off

Key Deliverables Are Actionable Results

Virtual Cost Reduction Programs

The virtual cost reduction programs are focused on early-stage and mid-stage cost reduction interventions before significant Capex is committed for prototyping, tooling, and eventual full-scale manufacturing. This program uses customer provided CAD or Digital-Twin data as baseline for design to study and qualify design fitness, virtually.

Aligned to the vehicle program goals and CAD data’s maturity and evolution during the program timeline, we execute a minimum of three loops, before the final design release.

1 Loop
Architecture Feedback on Initial Design (early concept - product vision)
Key deliverables
  • Outside-In View from Caresoft SMEs for the core EV architecture strategies
  • Cost reduction ideas for the key clusters (Core EV Architecture)
  • Directional DeltaCosting, where required
  • Detailed summary of all cost reduction opportunities
  • Virtual technical review sessions
2 Loop
Feedback before Preliminary Design Release
Key deliverables
  • Evaluate all clusters and the Overall Design fitness from an Outside-In view
  • Focused analysis of long lead Tooling items
  • Detailed summary of all cost reduction opportunities
  • Directional DeltaCostingTM where required
  • Virtual technical review sessions
  • Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis
3 Loop
Feedback before Final Design Release
Key deliverables
  • Evaluate all clusters and the Overall design fitness from an Outside-In view
  • Focus primarily on the design not reviewed before
  • Directional DeltaCosting where required
  • Detailed summary of all cost reduction opportunities
  • Virtual technical review sessions
  • Design for Assembly (DFA) analysis


We have completed several Cost Reduction programs across EVs, EV LCVs and traditional ICE LCVs and SUVs across the globe providing over 1000 ideas and saving Billions of Dollars and Euros in Capex and Opex.

EV, LCV EV, LCV, SUV table
Average cost savings per vehicle
Rate of ideas acceptance for implementation
Average cost savings per vehicle
Rate of ideas acceptance for implementation
Having the ability to see an assembly or system broken down to the component level to compare key segment competitors side by side is simply amazing. Lifting parts to feel the weight savings of different materials or different build approaches, you start to experience who is changing or still stuck in carry-over design. It is an experience you want to take with the Caresoft team of experts.
David Petrovski
Director, S&P Global Mobility
Caresoft provides a unique opportunity to compare startup OEMs to legacy OEMs side-by-side to see the differences between their products and manufacturing process while getting your hands on the parts. Their technology and rigor in cataloging the parts are unlike what I have seen with traditional benchmarking services. Definitely a must-visit for anyone in the automotive industry who wants to see firsthand the product trends in electrified vehicles.
Joseph Tenbusch
Magna and SAA YPN Lead
I was completely blown away by the team at Caresoft and its impeccable focus on not only tearing down some of the industry’s most essential and iconic vehicles, but also their knowledge, expertise, and ability to decipher complex engineered products to their simplest forms to uncover creative solutions to challenge the status quo and find cost savings.
Abey Abraham
Ducker Carlisle and SAA Chairman

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