Cornea™ Extended Reality Suite

Transform your R&D program, accelerate your product development, collaborate, and ideate with your global teams.

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Inspect a full vehicle and its components using the immersive VR platform!

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Extended Reality Suite.


Engineering CAD to Virtual Reality

Seamlessly import CAD packages into an interactive Virtual Reality environment and gain actionable intelligence with greater degrees of freedom.

High-Energy Scans to Virtual Reality

View and interact with the 3D scan data of an entire vehicle or any equipment for that matter in stunning detail like never-before. Ideal for non-destructive competitive assessment and benchmarking.

Augmented Reality

Bring the full functionality of a vehicle or a system to life using a tablet or cell phone.

Cornea Extended Reality Suite

  • See the prototype in simulated real-world scenarios to truly visualize and understand the design intent.
  • ​Compare models and explore options for design improvements by swapping parts and accessories. Reduce the number of physical prototypes.
  • Visually inspect design clearance, evaluate design parameters, validate process, and assembly operations.
  • Evaluate if the part of the assembly is visible, reachable, and accessible for serviceability.


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