YouTube® video: Tesla Cybertruck Teardown of 4680 Battery, Control Modules, and more.

Tesla’s Extraordinary Design Evolution

Terry Woychowski and John McElroy Youtube thumbnail.

Tesla, one of the leading innovators in the automotive industry have consistently pioneered new engineering methods and technologies, forever changing the landscape of automotive manufacturing.

In this video, Caresoft Global’s President Terrry Woychowski, takes John McElroy from Autoline Network through several of these extraordinary design evolutions, revealing insights into Tesla’s approach to:

  • Steer-by-wire.
  • 12v, 16v & 48v auxiliary batteries.
  • Cross car beams.
  • Aluminum charging wires.
  • Air suspension tanks.

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More From The Series

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You can also watch the second video in the series, in which Caresoft Global undertakes one of the world’s first Tesla Cybertruck benchmarking teardowns. Terry invites John McElroy along to see some of the initial stages of the vehicle teardown process, and they talk through some of the revolutionary features that Tesla have incorporated. You can watch that video, here.