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Electrical Engineering Services

Program level support, wire harnesses design, costing, and EE architecture for vehicles

Program-level engagement for design, engineering, and costing.

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Our global team of engineers work on benchmarking of leading and cutting-edge vehicles focusing on varies aspects of vehicle engineering and technologies. Our EV Technology studies provide deep insights on engineering decisions adopted by OEMs in their EVs.

Program-level support


We optimized costs by standardizing components throughout the entire lifecycle of the electrical component database.


We are involved across the product development lifecycle release products ahead of schedule, significantly reducing time to market.

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We play vital roles in new product designs with improved architecture and reduced complexities.

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Develop and test concepts for Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS), right from the early stages of product development to refine and align customers’ vision in line with market needs and technology trends.
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Component Database Development
Browse & Maintain all harness components as well as their accessories and attributes to automate production processes
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Schematics Design & Development
Beat design and communication challenges between electrical and mechanical spheres. Design and simulate electrical systems, from simple circuits to complex connections to electronics.
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3D Harness Routing
Design, route, and organize cables, wires, and bundles in a mechanical environment of an entire automotive vehicle. Achieve optimized routing path by identifying the right fixtures, clamps, right placement, etc., improving the design, and reducing iterations, time and cost.
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Harness Costing
Accurately generate reports on the total cost of manufacture of wiring harnesses, including the cost of parts and labor in a matter of minutes with detailed reports and insights using costCompare
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Design Optimisation
Optimize the design and manufacturing process of wiring harnesses to overcome challenges in supply chain, job complexity, and excess manpower requirements
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Harness Drawings
Detailed Harness Manufacturing Drawings including Bill of materials, Connectors and Terminals, Splicing information, Wire information, etc., along with installation drawings and guides
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Build Support
Review physical wire harnesses at vehicle-level and record physical challenges for improvement/rectification. Define corrective actions, develop performance test cases, and submit final design for production
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Value Engineering
Optimize design in line to market needs – Ensure that harnesses can be manufactured at a competitive and well-understood cost. Helps to select a cost-effective harness at early design stages
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Reverse Engineering
Generate full-blown CAD models from physical harnesses by creating reference drawings, followed by detailed 2D drawings, detailing intricate connections, components, specifications, along with discrepancy reports
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Quality & Reliability Engineering
Reduce failures and warranty claim frequencies by finding the right problem and taking measures, implementing change and reanalyze design

Expertise: From EVs to harvesters, combines and heavy equipment

  • EVs, Hybrids and ICE vehicles
  • Windrowers Sports
  • Performance cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Excavators
  • Combines
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Harvesters
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Tractors
  • Utility vehicles
  • Balers
  • Planters and seeders
  • Lawnmowers
  • Sprayers

Software products

Arcadia wire harness design software
Arcadia is an ECAD software for the design and analysis of vehicle electrical systems and for layout design and manufacture of wire harnesses
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costCompare allows OEMs and Wire Harness manufacturers to accurately generate reports detailing the total cost to manufacture a wiring harness including the cost of parts and labor, all in a very short span.
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We are a technology-driven global engineering solutions company addressing challenges relative to benchmarking, product development, cost optimization, manufacturing, and aftermarket for major automotive OEMs, off-highway, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and their suppliers. Our award-winning technologies combined with highly evolved processes enable our customers to gain actionable insights that accelerate R&D programs, fuel growth decisions, cut costs, and improve efficiencies.